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jonasvixen's News

Posted by jonasvixen - May 22nd, 2020

yes finished and they are posted my brothers and sisters go check them out the shaded one and the one that isn't shaded here's the links check it out man.


Posted by jonasvixen - May 22nd, 2020

yes i am done with that gif i was working on al post it on the break of dawn mostly when it is moring now i am done yeah man.i will also posted the link when the crack of dawn is up and open so yeah great and make a new news wire so yeah.


Posted by jonasvixen - May 16th, 2020

i may settele with the jittering of the gif i am working on seems fine i guess i tried to fix the jittering or clunkiness but i got no clue so i guess i will just roll with it i think it is about 21 frames now i am settled with fps 10 i think it works well man so yeah it's still not done yet so i will i have to take some time on the work to finish the limbs yeah i din't add limbs because the gif i was using as a reference sheet or as they trace like a god oh good lord it is easy for a doodler to trace and claim some others art as its own but for drawing a gif and taking that oh my it takes time my hands bleed from working on it and yes first time drawing a gif so i have to start some where a thing i heard from a artist was it ain't copyright to take a pose now copying the whole thing is copyright but pose and frame no it is a armor rack that and you can add what ever clothes you want like a manquien those statues where you put clothes on it and i need to train so yeah that whats animation you are using anyways you may ask sinces you are tracing something like a noob a real artist draws from the mind and not trace.

me i will say i need to start somewhere i am a novice artist self touahgt did a lot of following tutorials of drawing cahathers and then draw with no guide lines then made pictures with reference sheets and tracing with my eyes and not puting a paper on top the real art now i trace with my eyes looking at the pad then back up to my moinitor these thevugqine eh i have deptipth problem like to small or too big circle i did figure how to do the tracce on top a paper and on the real art from which art picture i made the war of trenches so yeah that the rest of the year drawing with out paper on paper trace from a seprate monitor you know i whish i can sh0w then write it man.

so yeah using two refence sheets kelly hands on her back and viper ctr which the refeence its from a ergroe game lucky the game complany got bankrupt in 2003 and my i feel bad for them losing their company i love their games at least they got hentai somehow i don't know man.

p.s. first time making gif need start somewhere also not going to look the same as viper i am trying to change it to make look diffent. you may say what are adding upon it me just going to change skin color and add a background except in a bright lit room and not filthy floor the sterotype nice room and bed with a dusk to night time setting so yeah that still trying man got start somewhere.

what i do after i finish the gif unm another gif a sort one so yeah and then al draw a new art picture which been a long time since i have drawn a self portit of a oc charchater man


Posted by jonasvixen - May 11th, 2020

so working on a gif maybe should have sent a working in progess later but i just want feed back on what fps should i use for the gif fps 11 or fps 10 for the gif need feed back also how many frames should it be it is 13 so yeah the google answer i look for was how much frames are in a gif? it said 15 to 24 i think so yeah feed back please man.

first time doing these so yeah i was wondering to my self how hard is it to animate? then i awsered that question how my hard for me hands are cramping and bleeding over some refence sheets and knowledge argh my hands ack man.


Posted by jonasvixen - April 26th, 2020

been gone for too long what was i doing why haven't posted some new art i was doing YouTube videos playing games dealing with the apycyolyspe had to fight zombies and thieves over toilet paper and yeah its been a bit boring here but yeah playing video games and sending them up to my YouTube account was nice so yeah drew something new still don't know how to shade i am rusty now again so yeah bad but what eves man. wil upload been having these error

TypeError: to_trim[i].remove is not a function

Can't call uploadImages() until previous execution is complete.

link to the new art:the art


Posted by jonasvixen - February 23rd, 2020

i have decide to post today well i said 12 to 1 but didn't specifically said pm or am i would have went with pm but eh 12 am sounds fine.so yeah done and will be cool man may work on something new maybe more just two people or just work with one eh either sounds fine should do animals two so yeah maybe?.


Posted by jonasvixen - February 22nd, 2020

so yes this is a preview in what i just do and i will post the full picture tomorrow and it will look fine i guess just two people toast gin and wine and sort of a sound wet damp something night time sky maybe love who knows man so yeah.


Posted by jonasvixen - February 14th, 2020

i got nothing what to do eh say-eo and get to the point and do what to do i am just say giberish comment on all my art i like attention or i am bored and will like to know how to improve my self and yeah i am tired and lazy so enough said here is a link to what i drew today i guess?


Posted by jonasvixen - February 7th, 2020

what can i say man so here is the link to my art pic.


Posted by jonasvixen - February 2nd, 2020

guh no clue what to say just seem right to draw i guess so yeah man.