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jonasvixen's News

Posted by jonasvixen - October 10th, 2022

vr is awesome i love it a lot its the gaming of the future


Posted by jonasvixen - October 5th, 2022

college i am around i just play vid games and sometimes vr i think i have channel you tube but eves man still around man


Posted by jonasvixen - March 18th, 2021

made new art pic THE ART

Scarlet Harlet by Jonas vixen by jonasvixen on Newgrounds

yes missed spelled harlot to harlet because sounds fun i guess.


Posted by jonasvixen - February 7th, 2021

just saying made a new banner for my twitch channel.black sheep in moonlight cliff by jonas vixen by jonasvixen on Newgrounds


Posted by jonasvixen - January 1st, 2021

traced and colored a picture of my avatar from gta 5 online with my brother and me sitting on a coach


Posted by jonasvixen - November 10th, 2020

lets see where am i simply been twitch streaming all months and my addiction to battle passes just take so long to level it up to 100. and yeah its pains to play for long hours maybe i will be done with it and get back to playing better games and hope to get back to drawing.



Posted by jonasvixen - September 9th, 2020

Orca bathing in the lakeSo yeah just drew a new picture and yes it the orc from my gif I was working on but you know I got side tracked and yeah took a long time man anyways here's the link.https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/jonasvixen/orca-bathing-in-the-lake-by-jonas-vixen



Posted by jonasvixen - August 18th, 2020

i got no clue what to say i like to talk then write i have a hard time to think out how to write i guess anyways drew a picture of my avatar from red dead redemption 2 online because to explain why i haven't drew any art lately simply gaming a lot my fingers have rusted up and that i have no idea how to finish a gif i a have been working no clue how to finish it anyways man.

so yeah been youtubing i will be youtubing or streaming on twitch again on Thursday or maybe Friday heck al show off the original picture on my facebook and twitter acconunt to show what the actual avatar looks like except edit with the color and lines on so yeah man.


Posted by jonasvixen - August 7th, 2020

link to explain myself anyways playing video games on my twitch channel uploading those to youtbue to save them if any fans missed any streams on my youtube channel jonasvixen what did i do gaming for red and grinding like a dog the gif was to be done june but famliy junk got in my way and gaming a lot because games are fun and i have a addiction to suffering from game passes such has battle royal passes and yeah waste of time man anyways a joke of a picture of me bheind a writters door while my oc points saying i am a lazy scum bag so yeah pretty much explains it this drawing was quick because i didn't think it tough so yeah quick sketch and comic strip if you can call it that is just a pic with writing at the bottom man so yeah.


Posted by jonasvixen - June 27th, 2020

yes last gif i had worked on took me one month to complete. these new gif i should have had finished these month except i had been wasting time playing games and uploading videos to my YouTube account will have to finish the new gif next month. wich is oh july darn man and yeah the way i will upload gifs is the first is the sketch the second upload is how the gif will look like alpha beta style and the third is the final one which the completed version man.

so what am i going to do if i ever finish the gif? take a break from making gifs and make some new art pictures because i haven't made one in awhile man so how many drawings am i going to make that is new to me umh let me check. 16 more drawings more i have to draw man so let me think what to draw next so uhm two new drawings and maybe another gif a nude flash gif and what i mean is a women flashing the adunidce or maybe two gifs i should think it though first.

so yeah i should draw 16 pitcures first before i start making gifs again man just got to finish this gif first man before i get back to drawing man. links below man.