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Posted by jonasvixen - 4 days ago

Always board seems time moves by every day.whay to do to pass the time also what to do when board I know I use the plank of wood for the speech or word but to be fair I am always board.that or staying up late.you know I just my own question so this is pretty much a ramble joke so yeah.yeah every time I say "so yeah" is how I end my sentences because it sounds so right so yeah yeah yeah yeah, boom triple yeah's.

Posted by jonasvixen - 8 days ago

I just opened a twitch figure I should try playing while being watched right now playing battlefield one also did about two videos yesterday one bad lagging resident evil with me running like a idot. Me then playing fortnite and getting a few kills while under lagging sickness and losing but hey at least I got to shoot some players that's fine and cool so yeah.

Posted by jonasvixen - 3 weeks ago

so sleepy will post second part of that comic strip should fix grammical letters but honestly if anyone can understand my writing then i am happy.also will be working on the other two parts of that comic strip yes two more parts because it was a project from my school but i never finish it so i figure why not work on that till i can i don't know draw something new or learn how draw with a mouse.maybe if there's money in pateron or as i call the appretcion can box maybe use it to buy a drawing tablet then again drawing by is, well i guess more human then machine from a art app but i have to admit that art apps make everything pretty should really say when i make this mini diray entrances into it's my oppinion hope you like or disagree with my oppinion.yeah done.

Posted by jonasvixen - 3 weeks ago

yeah the new scheulde is because i now i have more free time so yeah cool. how do i write news farirly spelling is hard( emoji laugh).

Posted by jonasvixen - 1 month ago

Will be changing my schedule to two weeks.first day of Monday will be the start.first week breaks and drawing. Second week of Friday thought Saturday and Sunday post. If you like my art would you like to subscribe to my patreon. I don't have rewards for patreons but I would appreciate if people would subscribe to it.anyways just downloaded some art apps will be learning how to use them.

Posted by jonasvixen - 1 month ago

i have nothing to say execpt to maybe draw some more.when i am done being lazy.sounds of snoozing in the background.

Posted by jonasvixen - April 28th, 2019

Forgot to post a picture on Friday because my friend was on my computer plus I was a bit tired from work but Al post two pictures on Sunday because of Friday.

Posted by jonasvixen - April 20th, 2019

just random text chicken cow ,moo click clack moo (that book of cows using a type writer) i had a good was a good book board now.


Posted by jonasvixen - April 14th, 2019

so if you like how I draw then would the fans possibly support my pateron.it's 18+ because i plan on drawing nude art, right now i need a little more impovement on that subject.the link will be posted here to the left corner of your screens.


Posted by jonasvixen - April 12th, 2019

So here to see what people think in how I draw would like feed back some good old criticism or something new interesting happening in the world.will post on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.